What is the best way to learn "CODING"and be expert or improve your"SKILLS" at faster rate?

i know basic c++, i love coding and i want to improve my coding skills and knowledge . i want to know from all experienced guys ,what should i do in order to improve my skills and knowledege . what i am doing till now is participating in each and every contest that i can and do practise some problems ,and watch some videos about new topics i.e. i am currently watching videos on trees.

any type of advice is appreciated,thank you all…

There is no alternative for practice. The only way to get better at coding is to practice alot.
To approach a problem you must think what the question is asking for, what approach you can use to get to that solution and what its time complexity could be.
In beginning, Don’t worry too much about time complexity as even brute force works for easy questions with small constraints. But as you progress, learn from other people’s code or similar problems. You’ll understand better approachs to do the same problem.
For example, when I was young, i used to do Prime number program in O(n) approach as i used to iterate over 2 to N/2, meanwhile as I grew and practiced, I realized that It can be done in O(rootN).
Similarly, you start fresh.
After every event, even if u dont participate, try to solve the questions and If you don’t get a good approach to solve them, simply go over to Editorials to understand the solution and then make your own solution to submit it.
In time, you’ll be able to solve similar or little different problems more efficiently .


Love CP, and it will love you back :heart:


i do agree with you but most of the time i did’t understand their code as their code contain some keywords/lines that makes codes more fast and efficient .

Jinke sath tu hamesha busy rehta hai​:roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
English: With whom you are always busy​:roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

any other advice guys?

You should not be focusing on trees,dp,graphs,etc.-etc. at this time. Focus only on implementation problems and get good in them first and turn into 3-star. Then do some little dp and turn into 4*. Now, you may start studying advanced topics. That’s my advice.

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on contests and problems? i will try to get back to 3 star by the end of january challenge

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I changed my comment.

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ok i will follow this ,

thank you

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Look up for problems in “Practice” and try to solve them. Every time you solve a problem you learn something new. If you’re unable to solve a problem, look for the concepts your lacking in. You can ask in forums for help or search it up on the web.