What is the best way to prepare for ACM ICPC in 4 months?

I am preparing for ICPC and i know there are people which are working much harder than me , but this is my last year of college and i wanna give my best.

Just wanna ask should i keep practicing according to the topics (like i am practicing dp from last 7 - 8 days) or there should be any other way of practicing.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciable.
Thank you for time.


I don’t think there would be a one size fit all answer to that. Why don’t you analyze what your team is lacking and start from there? It can be a specific type of problems none of your team member are good at or team work problem or even English reading speed.


Participate in codeforces virtual contest atleast a week then analyze ur skills by learning from each contest

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Solving problems fast is one of the key things for ACM ICPC and definitely working hard will improve this by a lot. Good to have that attitude; it’ll pay off one day. The most common answer is to practice, practice, practice , especially on old ACM ICPC problems . But this doesn’t help you out much just by saying this as it seems like you are not as advanced. I’ll run you through some basic steps to practice and take your level from 1 to 100 real quick


That would be a real help if i get some advice.