What is the difference bw general method(self) and class method(@classmethod) in python class?

i would be glad if u explain by code.

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is it python? @ahana2018

A general method is specific to an instance of the class. And a class method (defined using the @classmethod decorator) is applicable to the whole class. Properties which are applicable to all the instances of a class are usually defined here and those which are specific to an instance of the class, go into the general methods. Example:

class Car:
    def __init__(self, color):
            self.color = color

    def get_color(self):
            return self.color

    def red_cars(cls):
        # cls is the Car class

Now, calling the functions using:

a = Car('Red')


<class '__main__.Car'>

None is printed out because the red_cars() method returned nothing.

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