What is the error here. Problem: https://www.codechef.com/problems/HS08TEST

Running it results good and there is no error, but when I submit, it shows a NZEC error

a, b = map(float, input().split(" "))

if ((a%5==0) and (a+0.5<=b)):

a and b both are objects of map. Try this out instead,
a, b = tuple(map(float, input().split()))

as it is known that x, y = (2, 3). Then x = 2 and y = 3 and they both will be of type int(in this case).

For submiting in Python, try to put your code in try/except block like below.

//your code
print(“ErRor found”)

Also take the input like this
a, b = [float(x) for x in input().split()]
take input individually

This didn’t actually work out for me, but thank you very much for your try. When I submitted it showed "Wrong answer"

Thank You for your kind help (It worked). Thank you very much, but could you please explain what you did (Couldn’t understand)

which line you didn’t understand?