What is the process for Writing An Editorial??

I was just wondering on how official and unofficial editorials are written. Like whats the process, who can write those and how.
Also how does an editorialist get the problem setter and tester’s solutions.?

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You need to be appointed as an “Editorialist” for a contest. The problem setter and tester send their solutions to him(mostly on time :p)
The job of the “Editorialist” is to explain the concepts/tricks used in the solutions to a general audience. I don’t know exactly how to become one, except that you need to be have a good rating and should be active in the discussion forums.
You can write unofficial Editorials, if you want to present your approach to a problem.

For official editorials, you have to contact contest admins well in advance from the contest, get approved by them, write editorials and when the contest ends, they are made public. You can find more on that here.

For unofficial editorials, you can just publish your idea for any problem (Do not publish them during round :smiley: ) here like any normal post.