What is this happening?

In this may long challenge I did 5 question and one partial question with my own after lots of effort i completed. I had 2 stars before competition . After that competition end I supposed I will have at least three stars but still I am on 2 why? And I had a partial submission of ISS (intresting sequence ) after the end of competition I found lots of people’s full submission is same they are copying the answer and getting high stars . I am leaving this now .


Maybe you can consider not participating in long challenges until CodeChef comes up with an effective solution for this, I mean no one would enjoy getting a non-deserving negative delta after wasting 10 days. Till then participate in short contests, you have a chance of getting huge positive deltas in just a couple of hrs.


codechef rating sucks
every time codechef gives unacceptable ratings


thank you i will try one short challenge

i was happy when my ISS partial solution submitted my rank was around 306. in just 2 days it goes to 1938 . means cheating level is just insane .

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Right. Long Challenge has become T20 rather than a test match.


90 % submissions are similar, looks like everybody copied the same code for ISS.


you will see not only for ISS, modularr equation and tic tac toe too.

BTW i am also from lucknow…can you tell whether you are a school or college student???

i am not from lucknow