What is (TLE (-1.000000)?

I am getting TLE
(-1.000000) error. what is the meaning of -1.0000000 (negative -1)?
I can upload the code because the contest is going on.

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Akaik TLE means TLE. You can ignore -1 part.

No , it means idleness limit exceeded … You aren’t inputting or outputting where u r suppose to in the interactive problem

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Interaction problem…Try not to use fast input output in cpp. Instead use scanf/printf

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Instead of flushing every time, you could do this.

I always use cin cout with FIO
Never encountered any issues
Use << endl
Once you print something. Use endl before scanning answer from judge.


Nice Reply
Can you please send an example?
Like my code is giving TLE -1.0000 butI don’t think that there can be any such problem

ummm ,its difficult to think of an example , but a few things u can check is - making sure u are beaking after receiving a “No” verdict or maybe making sure u are stopping ur code after receiving a invalid input … really difficult to comment wihtout seeing code … will be happy to help after contest if its from this long or rn itself if its from some other contest

Thanks, I will have a look

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how to terminate the program immediately . return 0; ?

exit(0) (dont forget to to include stdlib.h)
return 0;

Not using fast input output worked for me thanks

Yup \hspace{0mm} \hspace{0mm}

If u want to terminate from main function then use return 0;
But if you want to terminate the whole program from any other function call,then use exit(0); bcz in function call return will only cause to terminate that function not main function.