What is wrong in this atm code?

my code is executing successfully but at the time of submission it is showing error, someone pls look
withdraw_amt = int(input())
account_balance = float(input())
bank_charges = 0.50
if withdraw_amt % 5 == 0 and (withdraw_amt+0.5)<account_balance :
account_balance = account_balance - withdraw_amt - 0.50


correct your condition with this

I have corrected the code but again its not working ,pls check the attached snap

Try taking taking input like this

withdraw_amt,account_balance = input().split()

withdraw_amt = int(withdraw_amt)

account_balance = float(account_balance)

since inputs are given in single line this method is used.
In your case you are taking input when inputs are given in different lines.
Hope this helps.

thank u so much bro , it worked