what kind of questions may i ask?

I joined today in this site.I am poor at coding.By the suggestion of my sir, I want to know this site and want to learn coding.I am a student.I am studying Btech 1st year in iiit nuzvid.Please give some better suggestions/tricks for me.

Hi upendra3333,

I would suggest you to go to PRACTICE -> Beginner then a list of problem will appear in the page, then sort the list of problems in decreasing order of ‘successful submission’ and then start solving the problem one by one. This is one of best approach you can start with.

Hope this helps.

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I agree with @mohit96m answer- the best way of improving in a language is by doing, and the simple problems (with high numbers of successful responses) in the lowest two categories of practice here give plenty of opportunity to get used to the basic syntax of a language. Some of them involve a mathematical jump, but if preferred you can just move on to another problem. The IDE page is very useful.

Of course there are aspects of practical language use that are also not covered as well here - user interface, database access, graphics etc - and there are definitely a lot of concepts in data structures and algorithms that you should learn explicitly rather than trying to “invent” them yourself.

Which language are you learning?