What maths tricks actually need to know as beginner?

I am new here, I want to know what are maths topics I need to learn for competitive programming. just by random google search, I came to know about some topics like Number Theory, Euclid GCD, Modulo Inverse, etc… I don’t know what it is!

Can someone help me? that list out all math topics that must learn as a competitive programmer.

and also I know that is something Number Theory but I can’t find good material to learn that topic.

so, please can someone help me out also a list from where I can learn all this.

Thank you advance :slight_smile:

Geeks for geeks has seperate resource for number theory.
Learn from there ,also it include all topic of number theory .

Number Theory, Combinatorics and graph theory, A little bit geometry?

After this you can practice on projecteuler.net

Wow! that’s interesting. I generally learn math from Khan academy.

CP revolve around maths :slightly_smiling_face: