What NOT to do while hosting a contest on CodeChef

This hurts my eyes so bad

Please consider using some basic \LaTeX

When has the word "NODE" been expelled from the English language

Half of the time I was struggling to understand what the question exactly asked. Please don’t write such confusing problem statements, I agree trees are made of leaves but this was too much.

At least complete the problem statement.

Stair Sequence
It wasn’t mentioned that we have to guess the problem statement too by ourselves.

I'd have been content if you'd have even written that your queries are stupid

Feel free to add on to this list.
Please consider this as constructive criticism. I liked the idea of problem F.
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very true! especially the replacement of nodes with leaves made the standard problem confusing.

And in a lot of college contests i have seen that they dont use latex

Can you give some hints about solving IPLTREE?



every query can be either one of below 2 cases -
(1) given a node x ,add c in all the nodes in subtree of node x
(2) given a node x, add c in all the nodes which are not in subtree of x
which is equivalent to
add c for all nodes + add (-c) in all the nodes in subtree of x

so we need two functions -

  1. add c for all the nodes (we will keep global count for it and add in the end for all queries)
  2. add c in the subtree x
    (for this we will traverse all the queries first, add c values for all nodes in array .
    In the end, we will update it for all the queries at once with DFS)

submission - CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

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