What ratings of CF is equivalent to what ratings of CC?

Can anyone explain what ratings of CF are equivalent to CC as CF div -2 C questions look more difficult than that off codechef’s cook-off


This could be wrong but from what I have observed, ~1800 on CF might be equivalent to 5-6 star on CC.


IMHO, a 4 start rated guy on codechef is equivalent to specialist (1400 - 1600 ) in codeforces and 5 start for expert (1600 - 1800)


As of my friends(including me), who are 4 star, we have a rating of 1300+, i.e. specialist. So, we can distribute it like
Codechef- upto 3 star-> newbie, some may be specialists
- 4 star -> specialist, mostly
-5 star–>expert/candidate master
-6 star–>candidate master/master
-7 star–> can be anything above master


No No No No…!!! You are doing it the wrong way !!!

You can’t compare, coz cc has something special called Long Challenge Which gives huge rating updates. If you really want to compare ratings there and here, go to cc profile -> select your rating graph -> cook off/ lunchtime column ( by default it is cc column ) and now compare these ratings with cf ratings.


CC has huge rating inflation and participant base is much less in case of cc so comparing ratings is impossible

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Cf is difficult only because of number of participant .