What should be my actual purpose on codechef ?!

At present, I have downloaded codechef with a motive of getting enough practice and habit of questions + competitive programming… The languages that I’m going forward here as of now is: C & Java. Maybe even Python in future
So I wanna know: what should I keep in my mind when I practice each and every question here, apart from that: while giving competitive tests how will I be a condition to ace them properly & gain as much stars as possible

So, first off, its good that you have narrowed down your choice of programming language to C, Java and Python (for Future). I assume you have done your research to come up with these choices of programming language. As per that, you can even choose to proceed in two parallel journeys picking each language.

When continuing to code in C, try to get a grip over basic syntaxes and eventually learn various Data Structures. Your goal should be to develop your Logical and problem solving skills. This is because the language is more machine level in nature, you can get better understanding of the workings of the Data structures, how memory allocation happens, optimised space and time complexity etc. Eventually move to algorithms and how to implement these algorithms using the Data Structures you learnt.
Resource: https://www.codechef.com/roadmap/c-dsa or https://www.codechef.com/roadmap/cpp-dsa.

When learning and practicing Java, try to approach it with a mindset of improving the skill of writing clean and structured code. This requires you to have good grip over OOP concepts and thus have a more syntax intensive learning focus.
Suggested flow: Learn Java → Logic Building in Java → Object Oriented Programming in Java → Learn Advanced Java in https://www.codechef.com/learn/topic/java.

Remember learning and practice goes hand in hand. You cannot jump into solving problems without building a solid foundation of pre-requisite learning pieces. At the same time, if you keep on consuming but don’t practice and challenge your learnings, you will very likely forget everything you are learning. Learning things only on definition or surface level doesn’t help in actual problem solving and implementation.

Coming to contests and Improving your rating:

  1. Keep giving contests
  2. Contest problems are mostly logic intensive. Your math and logic building skills is MOST USEFUL here
  3. Good grip of DSA helps. But being new to DSA shouldn’t be a blocker.
  4. Use this roadmap diligently. See that the questions primarily requires you to have good Math skills. Beginner level DSA is good to start

Resource: https://www.codechef.com/roadmap/become-5-star