What should Codechef do now after uploading solution of Starter 15 min before

Problem solution of DIVEO
was uploaded on official codechef youtube channel , 15 min before the contest end .
Video link

What codechef have to say about this ?? They are promoting cheating now !!


They also know that this is the peak time people searching that thing, so they just completed the majority’s request. Simple.


Yep the solution for the following problem surged in last few minutes .

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Would it be fair if they dont consider submissions of that particular problem in last 15 mins?

it will be unfair for those who got good ranks without cheating so it’s fine.
I think it got leaked just because of mistake or due to 15 min late start
I think it should still be rated.


This is a blunder from codechef…poor management

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This seems more like a blunder, keeping it rated should be fine.


How careless they can be and wouldn’t that be unfair for people who were getting decent rank and now are at loss of 600-700 ranks ? Some steps need to be taken this time it their fault .

@kunal_2024 they can do but those people who didn’t cheated and submitted in last 15 minutes would be worsely effected .

i solved four questions and got 76 rank in div 2. thought that now i ll be 5* ,but now they ll make it unrated because of their own mistake. Better not to waste time in codechef contests from now.

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I think the contest should be rated. It is just funny)

Even I also know they will do nothing as usual , Round will be rated .
This is just to make them aware of their mistake which I think they don’t care about .

I think they scheduled the video for 11pm IST as the contest was originally supposed to end at that time.

But the time was updated before the start of contest so they should take care of that also . In 3hrs they don’t even realised about changing time for the video ?

Better would be to just unrate the problem

Today I guess the 4th problem & 5th problem didn’t get leaked. So, codechef thought “Fine, I’ll do it myself”.

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