What the source limit of 50000 Bytes does mean?

Source limit is being given in almost every problem as 50000 Bytes… What does it mean…??
For instance, let’s say 1<=N<=100000. i.e. N could be atmost (10^5)… so, if we declare an integer array of size 10^5… then (10^5)*2 = 200000 Bytes are required… but source limit is given as only 50000 Bytes…
But even if i take such big arrays, i didn’t face any problems… Most of the solutions with these such big arrays also accpeted… Then, what does this source limit of 50000 Bytes mean??

Source limit of 50000 Bytes mean the size of the source code. It has nothing to do with the execution.

You can find that by viewing the size of your code in properties before submitting it.


Is that it??

As far as i can understand of what @xariniov9 said, is that one can take size of an array as much as he/she wants, but the way we traverse that array will have impact on time limit.

And that array is allocated memory when program is running. And it has no limit.
And that source limit is just “number of lines u have written in your source code”. U can think of it as size of any file.

Please correct if anything is wrong :slight_smile: