What to do if I missed the TCS NQT IRC window?

I missed the window, checked my email just today. What can be done?

I missed it too. Please help me out, if you found something regarding it!

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Got mail but no link for irc

nothing much to worry about, wait for some days , you will get another mail regarding DRC(Dry- Run Check) Test.

Dont worry, here is what I received-
If you had issues in completing the mock tests so far, be rest assured, you will get another attempt to complete the mock, in the next 3 days. Watch your mail

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what if i missed the drc test too?

You will get three chance to attend for the DRC. I guess today is the last date for DRC after that you won’t be getting mail regarding it.

I missed today’s main tcs nqt test…will i get next attempt to complete?

Even I hv missed main test login timing…vl I get another chance?

No. If your test would be interrupted in between, you will get another chance

Today, I was late in tcs nqt online exam, can I get another opportunity?

I guess No.