What to do?

hi , i am in my engineering 2nd year .i have started CP this year from august long challenge from then till now i have found that i am only able to solve ( 2-3)problems in long challenges and (1-2) in short challenges and that also by bruteforce method ,in some problems i get the logic but not able to convert it into code ,i try to read and analyse others code in editorial but fail to do it because the terms present in their code are not familiar to me .
so plzz suggest me something so that i can also excel i CP, like you.

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Remember. If you don’t know something, it’s very difficult to come up with the logic or algorithms by yourself. Unless you solve more and more problems that you don’t know how to solve, you’re not going to learn and grow.

So basically you need to solve a lot problems. I’ll just link you to a good source that helped me a lot. Try solving some A problems. When you start feeling comfortable, try B, then C and so on.
Training Sheet

Technically most of these problems are not hardcore algo/ds based but are selected to help you grow your problem solving skills. Most of CFs ABC can be solved with some intuition and experience.


can you plzz tell how should i learn c++stl and apply it in my code???

Just try to solve beginner problems in codechef and learn unknown topics from resources available on the net, btw I think your are from my college

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i also just realized that,in which year you are and in which dept?
do you know him->(4★arpan491)(codechef username)
he is also from our clg and got free unacademy subs from sept cook off

No I don’t know him he had rather changed his college name

but you re in which year and dept???

CP Handbook Use this book. Just learn basics of Vectors, Sets and Maps. They are incredibly intuitive to understand.

You can also search for TopCoder STL post, they have explained all basic structures there.

There is also a Codechef DS Contest I think, you can start from there to practice.
I’d say this again, they are just tools for your help and you don’t need to focus too much on them.

And look at other people’s code as much as you can, even if you’ve solved the problem yourself, there’s always something new to learn.

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