What were OLYMRANK incorrect test cases?

In the contest page, there was an announcement that OLYMRANK would be non-scorable due to “incorrect test cases”.

Problem OLYMRANK is being made non scorable since two test files #8 and #11 were found to be incorrect. Since the issue was found late into the contest, the problem is being made non-scorable.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused. The corrected version will be added to the practice section in a couple of days.

What does this mean, exactly? I (and other people) were able to submit and get AC.

  1. Will there be a more detailed explanation?
  2. Does this mean my solution was wrong?
  3. Is the current version in the practice section updated with corrected test cases, or is it still incorrect?
  4. Will there be an editorial published?

We failed to take care of this case during preparation.



3 1

1 1 0

2 0 1

3 0 3





The only way is to change one gold medal of country 2 and two gold medals of country 3 to bronze medals.

kut_hgs1997 mentioned this case in the comments which we saw just a few hours before the end of the contest.

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