Whatever i do in this ATM problem in python i still get Run time errors

withdrawal = float(input('enter the amount to be withdrawn: '))
balance = float(input('enter the account balance: '))

if withdrawal+0.50 < balance:
if withdrawal % 5 == 0:
balance = balance-withdrawal-0.50
print(‘the amount is successfully withdrawn and the account balance is {}’.format(balance))
print(‘the amount cannot be withdrawn’)
print(‘out of balance’)

You are required to take input and print output in the standard form and not in the customized way like you did. Read the input and output format given in the question.

Nothing should be outputted other than the balance, and only one input() function should be used. Here’s an example from the problem’s page, the only thing in output is the balance:
30 120.00

As a matter of good practice, you should include a link to the problem you’re talking about and preferably a link to your own code. If you want to quote actual code in your post, you can put a line with three backticks ``` before and after to show indentation properly.

Quite often if you search for the problem code (here HS08TEST) on the discussion board you will find an editorial that helps for technique and the comments may include some common errors.

I see you’ve sorted out your run-time errors, which were due to receiving two numbers on a line of input (as specified) and trying to convert string to number without splitting, and are conforming to the required bare-bones input/output of the problems here.

Your remaining error is due to not allowing the withdrawal to empty the bank account - zero is a valid final balance.