What's the name of this technique?

I am reading some solutions of the problem AMSTRING (from this April’s cook off). It seems that most solutions (including setter’s one) use same loop structure like this.

for(d=1-n;d<n;d++) { .... }

I would like to know when we can use the technique like that. What’s the purpose of the method? and Could you recommend some problems about ‘sliding window’?

Correction: It should be tester’s solution as setter’s solution is still not available for the problem.

Regarding related problems to sliding window, I can help youwiththesefollowingproblems :slight_smile:

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Could you give us an example of a solution with this structure for clarification?

I don’t think it means anything specific, other than the fact that we are looping from -(n-1) to (n-1).