Whats wrong with algo of SUBREM

I tried to solve the https://www.codechef.com/APRIL19B/problems/SUBREM using the following algorithm, but got WA.
Can someone help me whats wrong with the algo.

At every node I maintain 3 values

  • first: number of cut operations performed in it’s subtree
  • second: total sum of the nodes in the subtree after the cut operation has been performed.
  • third: total sum of the nodes in the subtree when the cut operation has not been performed. This value is used to decide whether I cut this particular node itself, so that all the child cut operations can be converged to 1 by cutting all their parents.
  • My final answer to the problem is: second - first *X

Logic to cut/not cut is if sum of the subtree < 0 and |sum|>X, then I cut.

Excerpt from my solution

  ilpair compute(int u, vector<vector<int> > &adj, vector<int> &weights, int X) {
    long total=0;
    ilpair ans;
    // initialise the ans to 000
    for(auto v:adj[u]) {
        pair<int, lpair > p = compute(v,adj,weights,X);
        ans.first+= p.first;
    if(ans.sec<0&&abs(ans.third)>X) {
        // remove 
    return ans;
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