Whats wrong with my code in C?

I ran this code on my compiler,and it worked just fine.But the codechef online IDE isnt taking any of my scanf values ? Why is that?


int digits(long x);

int main(void) {
// your code goes here

int t;
printf("Enter the number of text cases :");

long n[1100];
if(t>=1 && t<=1000)
for(int i=0;i<t;i++)
printf(“Enter the digit :”);
scanf(" %ld",&n[i]);

int ctr;

long sum=0;
long temp;
for(int i=0;i<t;i++)
if(n[i] >=1 && n[i]<=1000000)

     {    temp=n[i];
        ctr= digits(n[i]);
        for(int j=0;j<ctr;j++)
        printf(" %ld\n",sum);
return 0;


int digits(long n)
int ctr=0;
while(n !=0)

  {   n=n/10;


Because you didn’t provide inputs to codechef IDE.

Please check the box “Custom Input” and then provide input then it will work like a charm ; P

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There really needs to be some kind of warning about this, as numerous people seem to have been stung by it in just the last few days (including Yours Truly ;)) Anyone coming from e.g. Hackerrank will doubtless be very confused by this :slight_smile:

Perhaps the first time you click Run, there should be a popup saying “Warning: You have not provided any custom input. Your program will not be able to read from stdin”, or somesuch?

Or perhaps after submission, there should be a message like “Warning: You provided no Custom Input, so stdin was empty”?


Here’s another one XD

@vijju123 - would it be possible to get a feature like this implemented?

one thing…follow the input output format and don’t print unnecessary statements like Enter number of test cases and such

I think it was somewhere down the line. Will have to ask the devs. :slight_smile: