what's wrong with this , can anyone help me? prob code : PROBCAT

t = int(input())
for i in range(t):
x = int(input())
if(x >= 0 and x < 100):
if(x >= 100 and x < 200):
if(x >= 200 and x <= 300):

I think your code is fine but need some improvements.
1- You should use elif after 1st if statement.
2- And last if condition also can be avoid by putting else statement there.

Also in order to try to find the error I came to know that -
There are some problems in this problem’s Test cases. I have submitted the solution for this problem before but now it is giving it Wrong Answer as well. @admin Kindly look into this matter. I think Some wrong testcases have been add to this problem. Because Before that there was only 2 testcases.

Apologies. Should be fixed now.