Whats wrong with this code?

I wrote this code to simply read the number of vertices ‘n’ and edges ‘e’. I also read information about the e edges. Each edge is also given a cost. when i run it, it says the error is in line 26.
Can some one explain whats the problem ?
The code can be found here

Thanks in advance.

in the line number 13, your iterator type has to “vp” , not “vvp” , :slight_smile:


many errors . you have taken iterator of vector<vector<pair<int,int>>> and g also as vector<vector<pair<int,int>>> . both should be vector<pair<int,int>>::iterator itr and vector<pair<int,int>> g[n] . iteration should be done upto e not n . P.S. :- you can refer to my code for this http://ideone.com/n0CDix


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There is one more implementation mistake,
in the loop when you are taking edges,
boundary condition has to be “i < e” , not “i < n” …

Just check this out … it might help you more ,

Thanks a lot mate. Can you please explain why the iterator type should be vp and not vvp? I just cant get hold of the reason?

Well, yes when I tried it this way (vector thing), it worked fine.
But as can be found here - https://www.topcoder.com/community/data-science/data-science-tutorials/power-up-c-with-the-standard-template-library-part-2/#dijkstra1 … vector<vector<pair<>>> will also work. I might have implemented it wrong and i wanted to know where.

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okay you got it the way i did . that’s good . as far as getting it done by the way you are trying , iterator has to be for vp not for vvp . and then access the whole vector inside vvp in a separate vp and the iterate with the iterator in the way you did .
But why do so much when an easier way is available . Cheers

Because , you are iterating through the " vector of pairs(vp)" , not “vector of vector of pair(vvp)” .

In simple words , when you want to travel through edges of node ‘i’ , you will be travelling through “graph[i].begin()” to “graph[i].end()”[which is just vector of pair]

, not the entire “graph”(which is vector of (vector of pair))