Whatsapp Group For Programmers

Hello :wave: Everyone
I have just created a WhatsApp group for programmers
so that you could ask doubt from a programmer direct and chat with them using just your phone if you wanted to join you could
Link: (The Coders)(60 Members)(For Those Who Are Not Able To Join Programmers)WhatsApp Group Invite
(Programmers)(254 Members)WhatsApp Group Invite
Thanks and regards
Krishna Wadhwani

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Thank You For Joining, Now This Group Have 257 Members

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Thank You, Everyone, for joining :slight_smile: We Made A Nice Community Of Coders

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How many did you solve.



in June long??

yeah given an answer at one place.

You mean he cheated yet again?

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no. I dont know. Just asked to edit prev comments and instead of making new ones. “Give an answer at one place”

Hope you guys use it to learn and not to share solutions during contests.

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