When I run my code for first 2 time it says it SIGSEGV then for 3rd time it says SIGEMT and for 4th time it says SIGTSTP and then 5th time time it gives correct response please explain why this is happening?

please help it you need some info about code please tell me

Without seeing your code, it’s impossible to say.


just wait few sec


this is the code please don’t provide hint for solving
it would be great help if you just explain why this is happening

That’s a TLE, not a RE.

Are you trying to “Run” without Providing “Custom Input”?

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I am giving input then this is happening.

Please tell us the input you are providing.

In future, please post all this information (if applicable) in your very first post - people are bound to ask for it :slight_smile:


4 2 3 10
7 7 7
9 4 10
10 10 9
9 9

the above input

sir, is there need to make more efficient code

int arr1[n-1];

You’re declaring an array of length n - 1 before you’ve initialised n, which is Undefined Behaviour i.e. anything can happen.

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Oo… Thanks a lot sir :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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