When is Rating graph going to be updated?

just a random question ,my rating is updated but my rating graph is not being updated ,do rating and rating graph are updated at different intervals??

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admins @vijju123

We’ll look into it.


ok thank you bro

finally its updated .

Still not updated for me

Mine is also not updated, but long challenge graph is updated.

sir please look up at my rating graph,
its not been updated yet…!!!@vijju123

I’ve had 3 people tag me for Admin stuff today, but I’m not an Admin XD


It takes time, but it’ll surely get updated. I’ve had mine not getting getting for 2 days last contest

Lol you’re literally in every forum answering every question. No wonder people mistake you


same problem on my profile too!

btw i have another question :slight_smile: . How long does it take for our profile pic to be updated?
It’s been a month now.

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I asked this myself around the time I first joined, and read somewhere (can’t find where; sorry) that it should be updated fairly soon after the end of each Contest.


Ah, here we go:

Congrats on 6* @s5960r :slight_smile:


Lol the linearity of your graph is astounding.
Congo on 6 btw.


Well, that’s about today since December challenge ended today. Hopefully gets updated soon.
Also, I just noticed we joined codechef at about the same time xD

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is it a bug or why both rating and graph are updated at diferent time ?

It is a bug, and we are working on fixing it for all users. Apologies for the delay.

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This seems to be fixed now. Please let us know if any profile still has this issue.

rating graph not fixed yet @admin