[When ??]SnackDown' 18

@admin ,
Is snackdown scheduled this year ??
As I can see https://www.codechef.com/snackdown/2017/schedule Registration for snackdown’17 started on 14 April’17. But for this year It’s 18 today and I am not seeing any promotions/ads/anything else for snackdown’18. I’m eagerly waiting for it. Because it will be my first snackdown. If it’s not scheduled this year then please schedule it.

Also as pointed out by our fellow mate @gomu Editorials of last year’s Online Elimination round are still not available. @admin Please add them as well.


I am also looking forward for that announcement.

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The editorials for last year’s Online Elimination round are still not available. Just saying. Looking forward to this year’s contest as well.


alt text


Great contest to earn codechef goodies

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when will date going to announce?


Waiting for the same :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have added this in above question. Thanks for pointing this out.

Codechef is very busy in promoting CP through various workshops for both school and college students so i don’t think currently Snackdown is not among their priorites. Admins are occupied with CCDSAP and workshops. So if they are at all interested in organizing Snackdown then it will be after August’18 not before that.