When the result of hackwithinfy 2022 will be declared for round 1?

I have solved 1 question 100% and 1 question 7% . Is there any chance for me to get a call for SES role ?
Please reply .

I was only able to solve 1 question 100%. Is there any chance that I can get internship opportunity from infosys?

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Yes bro I was also able to solve one question complete only. If one most people solved one question and no question then chances are high

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Is there any intern opportunities for 2024 batch also ? I have solved 2 problem 100%, so what can I expect now ???

You will surely get interview call

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is there any chance for getting internship opportunity for me i solved 1 ques 100% and for second ques i passed 15% of the test cases???

I solved Q1 with 96% and Q3 with 69% is there chance for SES interview pls tell…

did you receive results for hackwithinfy ?

did you get any mail

Did anyone get selected.
If so what was your score and year of graduation.

Yes the result of hack with infy 2022 is declared . Students who solved 2 or more than 2 question got the PPI for SP role and students who solved more than 1 ques got PPI opportunity for DSE role.

anybody received mail from infytq for clearning the hackwithinfy not from TPO of college

I checked on infytq website, but there is no update about hackwithinfy result

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i solved all questions but still i didn’t get the mail

I guess all the selected participants have been mailed. Can the selected participants mention there profile they are selected for and the number of questions they solved so that people can see if there is some pattern involved in shortlisting.

Did anyone from 2024 batch get any mail regarding hack with infy or Internship opportunities.

I solved 2 questions, I got PPI for SP role

I got select for sp role interview tbrough hackwithinfy 22 . We had to fill survey form before 18th april inorder to get interview call. I gave my hackwithinfy exam with my college email but the survey form asked for personal email . So i mentioned personal email . Another thing is that i uploaded aadhar pdf instead of college id pdf. So i filled the form again nd uploaded my colege id . So filling form two times nd using personal email id will cause any problem for my interview call or not pls reply tq

hey bro do you have any idea when the interview result will be declared ?

Anyone got interview result ?