when will acm icpc 2017 online results will be published?????

when will ACM ICPC 2017, Online Preliminary Round online results will be published???


It will take us at least a week’s time to find the plagiarism cases and deal with them. Also there are some additional things to be done for the internal error issue that popped up during the contest. Expect an announcement of the date of the result sometime next week.


On amritapuri site, it is showing result date as 10 November.


Its been too long now, @admin please give the Ranklist fast or give some update about it!! Can’t Wait More


what is the probability of our team getting selected if we have a rank of 410 and a college rank 1 for that particular site(Kolkata-Kanpur)?

global rank 1270 ,college rank 1st without cheating xD,what is the probability of our team getting selected at amrita ?

What is the probability of our team getting selected if we have a rank of 471 and a college rank 1 for that particular site (Gwalior)?

we got overall rank of 1900 but college rank 1 for Kolkata-Kanpur site. What are the chances ?

overall rank around 200 and college rank 2. any chances ?

Our overall rank is 792 and college rank is 2nd (amritapuri) and 1st (in kanpur-kolkata) site. What is the chances for getting selected for respective site for our team if we didn’t cheated ?

Our college rank is 1 but overall rank is 1113. What are the chances of getting in at Kolkata-Kanpur onsite?

My team rank is <1500 and college rank 1 for both chennai and amritapuri. Which region will we get???

Hope we get the results before 24 Hours .


When we will be getting the results !! does anyone have any info ? :slight_smile:

I had messaged CodeChef on FB and I got the reply “By next week”. I received this message today, so I don’t think the results would be declared tomorrow. :frowning:

When is the result coming out?

@admin you said a week’s time. It is almost 10 days. Atleast provide some official announcement about the declaration of the results.


Hello Community!
Our team had overall rank near 1200 and college rank 4th. We are 2nd on both the sites we registered for. If the team above us on one of the sites doesn’t register for that site do we have any chance?

train ka ticket bhi nahi milega late se …abhi sab waiting ho chuka hai!!!
general mein 2 days travel karne mein bahut dikkat hoga


I still don’t understand why codechef has disabled access to the ranklist of the online round. Please enable the ranklist at least.