When will be february challenge and march cook off laddus be credited

I have sent mail to winners@codechef.com 3 times that I have been at 5th place in division 1 in indian school category in both February and march cook off .

Despite my continuous mails you guys haven’t responded to a single one.

I am very disappointed to the fact that their is nobody in codechef for supporting and listening our concerns.

Now that I have no option left I am writing it here.

please be sure to help me this time otherwise my trust on codechef will broke down to pieces.


It is a new tradition of Codechef :-
“Never give laddus on time”
@aryanc403 should add this in the list or keep it in pipeline Xd :innocent:

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@vijju123 and @admin plz reply to my query.

Its been more than a day and no serious reply from anyone.

I am shattered.

what type of discuss forum is this.

shame on codechef :zipper_mouth_face:

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There might be some reasons due to which the admins are not being able to distribute laddus , I think there might be delay due to MOSS results .

"I am shattered.
what type of discuss forum is this.
shame on codechef "

there is nothing to be shattered , nothing to put shame on codechef .

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MOSS for Feb long is already done. I will check up with the team for the issue. Meanwhile, I will say that please dont be overdramatic about stuff in life.


I have been waiting for a long time and what I need was a little clarification on the query.

By the way I would love to tell you guys that FEB long challenge laddus are credited in my account.
but march cook off is still in process.

I can confirm laddus upto April CookOff has been awarded.
Still waiting for laddus from External Rated contest held in April. /cc @vijju123

They should be credited soon as well. And before someone says, MOSS for these is already loong over.

any expected time for march challenge??

Already credited.

Am I not eligible for top 3 challenge scores (indian participant) in div2.??

I got FEB 19 laddus a few days ago , so for march 19 laddus it might take a month more

Is there a Indian school students category for Cook off in Div 1 .

Not really. It will be done faster if things go by plan.

Short contest laddus are credited. If you didn’t get laddus for short contests till April, then please recheck if you are to get laddus in first place and get in touch with team.

And yet you ask clarification in such a way that the concerned person feels obliged to ignore you? Take this tip, maintain a formal tone. Be professional.

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I will take this tip and try to be more professional from now onwards.