When will Editorials For December Challenge 2016 be released?

When will the editorial of problems in Codechef December Challenge be released? Its already 2 days…
Eager to learning something from the tutorials.

I agree with you.


They are usually posted within a week! Making quality editorials takes time! Last month the contest(NOV’16) ended on 14th Nov and the editorials were posted on 18th… So, expect the same this time also!


Please don’t add the tag editorial in such questions. Even though it is related to the editorial but when you add the tag editorial it shows a notebook like figure in the forum next to the question by which people think that it is an editorial


still not added. Please add the editorials for dec long 16.

Mean while you can see some editorials at https://atulac.wordpress.com

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changed it.

Editorials release within 2 days, since 1st day itself editorials start coming usually every month

Look into the issue.

The editorials are coming out, so don’t worry.Already editorials for TUPLES, TOURIST and DIGITSEP are out.The others are likely going to come soon.

@rajarshi_basu TUPLES, TOURIST, DIGITSTEP are all problems from January Challenge 2017 and not December Challenge 2016. The editorials for December Long haven’t been added yet :confused:

That was asked in december

Hey, editorials will be added in this week :slight_smile: