When will TCS declare results?

When will be tcs results announced and will 3rd year students will get chance of internships in tcs?

I am not sure about the date of results but I am currently interning with TCS based on last year’s codevita.

In how many days your results came?

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Last year it took 10 days to announce result, wether we have qualified or not/

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Hey, are you interning in 4th year based on Last Year’s codevita?
Does TCS provide internships in 3rd year?

on what basis thus tcs provide internship??? could u pls tell ???

It depended on how good your rank was last year.

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Could You please share the interview process and salary details of intern ?
And few tips on how should I prepare for interview !

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I am also an intern at tcs thru last year’s codevita. You are not paid for internship.

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You don’t need to do any special preparation as such…just be thorough with your projects and that’s all and don’t worry, interviews for internship will be happening next year in April or May.

And how many days after that were the interviews held?

And interview for 4th year jobs?

It will start immediately after result announcement.

Can you please share inter selection process??

Can you please share inter selection process??
it will help

Yes currently I am in 4th year and interning based on 3rd years codevita results

For the intern we get to select the projects we wish to work on in their portal. Then we will have an interview in which they will ask questions based on the skills required for the project. This year we had telephonic interviews so they weren’t that serious. I am not sure if that would be the case next year.