When will the ICPC online round 2020 occur?

Hello Codechef community. Can someone please tell when is the online round for ICPC 2020 going to take place tentatively. Normally it occurs in October, so can we expect the same or will there be a shift considering the covid-19 situation. And if there is a shift, what tentative month we can expect the contest to occur in.
Thanks in advance !
@admin @aryanc403 @vijju123


No official information yet.

Personally I expect atleast 3 months delay in everything judging from their last announcement where they changed regionals deadline from 31 dec to 31 march.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

well are the last year(2019) finals are done?


did not get the conclusion from it :frowning:

What about Snackdown ???.

I guess that would not happen this year!

It’s august time, i think it should be made clear when can we expect the contests to occur @admin

Thats because it documents all icpc announcements. You should read them and come to a conclusion on your own.

You should first ask Xi JinPing when he will allow international travel and then admin about snackdown.

As far as icpc is concerned. Its not in admins hands to decide.


Just curious, who is the admin of codechef?

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I had heard that admin is a woman

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We don’t know as of now. We’ll update once we get more information from ICPC.

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@admin Is there any update?

As there is no information till now, shall I assume that regionals won’t happen this year 2020 ? (even if it’ll be online)


@admin It’s already mid of October, when will it be official whether ICPC regionals will happen this year or not?

It looks likely that it will be held, but we don’t know anything concretely as of now. We’ll update once we get more information from ICPC.