Where are my laddus

My rank is 3,but I don’t recieve my laddus

Wait \hspace{0mm}

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when can I recieve laddus

Link aadhar card with your account. You will receive laddus directly in your bank account . XD


Earlier I had no laddus but after doing this I have so many laddus. haha


what is aadhar card?I never hear it before
how can I get an aadhar card?
And I don’t know how to link aadhar card with my account
what should I do?

You need to wait. AADHAR Card was a joke.

Oh,I’m sorry.

Never ever take pics in Aadhar card. You will never see yourself in the picture :stuck_out_tongue:


so when will I recieve my laddus

u still didn’t get ur reward?

Bro, it takes more than a month to get laddus. So keep patience. You will get what you deserve :wink: