Where are the editorials of July Cookoff 2019?

It’s been over 6 hours, i really want to know the solution of the problems. Please post the editorials !


Welcome to codechef :rofl: btw thats called COOKOFF dude.


That’s an unfortunate misspelling, man


LOL ! :laughing: Editorials of July “Cockoff” ?


It’s been over two days,
@taran_1407 where are the editorials, smh.

They are ready, should be out any minute.

Nice, thanks.
Been wanting to upsolve them forever, lol.

Surely not forever :stuck_out_tongue:

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What if people were a bit patient? :wink:

I guess it would be a nice idea to give some laddus to the person who creates an unofficial editorial(best among all un-officials) . This way people will create the editorials as soon as contest ends as ladoos will motivate them :slight_smile:


Go claim them.

I completely disagree here. This will just spam discuss with lots of unofficial and wrong editorials.
I have seen people writing editorial in excitement when they solve more than they expected in long challenge due to weak test cases and then they just try to prove that their approach is simple and better and correct.
And after you start giving laddus more and more people will post editorials for no reason (even if they have same content and solution) and that will spam whole forum.
It’s better if they write it voluntarily instead of expecting something in return.
If you know they used to provide laddus to top contributors and they stopped doing that because people were spamming here.
Btw who will check all those editorials and will declare that which one is better ? And till when can they post editorials so that they can be considered for getting laddus ?
And if they are really good at writing editorials and complete editorial before official editorialist can complete or can provide better editorials by taking same amount of time then he should apply as an editorialist along with a sample unofficial editorial and get money for doing this (for motivation).


Itna bada mai read nhi karunga ab :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dusre 6 logo ne read krke like bhi Kiya(then think kitne logo ne padha hoga ).
Itna lazy hona achha nhi hai :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :joy:
We know you are busy with solving tough questions but still get some time for reading as well :rofl:

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How are you going to read ICPC Qualifiers problem statements then? :slight_smile:


My team-mates will read it for me :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Aree aap God ho sir, aapka para mai detail mai read karunga and analysis bhi midnight ko :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thik hai padh Lena.

Be careful !
People often misinterpret questions :stuck_out_tongue: