Where can i find icpc 2019 online round DISCSHOP editorial 1st question

Can anybody explain me in terms editorial

@dpraveen_adm could you provide editorial for this question icpc 2019 online round DISCSHOP

@vjju123 please help

You tagged vijju123 a lot of times buddy :slight_smile:

I’ll try to explain :
You have been given a number N.
You need to remove a digit so that the resulting number is minimum.
Like if the number is 132 => if you remove 1 , the resulting number is 32
If you remove digit 3 , the resulting number is 12
And finally, if you remove digit 2 from 132 , the number is 13 .
Out of 32 , 12 , 13 the minimum is 12 .
The straightforward solution should pass,
Splice the number with respect to the index :
as in if the number is
a1 a2 a3 a4 a5… aN
If you remove an arbitrary digit i ,
then a1[:i] => digits till i from 0th index to i-1 index
a1[i+1:] => from i+1 till the end
Concatenate , convert and find minimum.
There are better ways to do this problem but I think it’s best if we start from the most straightforward one :slight_smile:
Hope this answers your question. If not, please ask
Also, you don’t have to repeatedly tag or spam, once is enough. Someone will reply for sure :slight_smile:


Guess what.we being in team of three (obvious) took 1.5 hour just to solve this question and after the contest i was figuring out why none of us were able to come up with the naive approach instead of using complex algos.