Where can I find previous year ZCO Cutoffs?

The official IARCS Website only shows the list of qualified candidates for both ZCO and ZIO but the cutoffs only for ZIO.
Could someone be please grateful enough to give a link to the cutoffs or write them below for any year(s) you might know :grinning:.

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The cut-off for ZCO in 2019 was obtaining a non-zero score (10 iirc). I donโ€™t know what the cut-off was before 2019 and ZCO was not conducted last year.

Non zero score = Qualified for INOI !!
Brute force on SINGTOUR was easy and it could get you 15 points!
Hope itโ€™s the same this year :joy:

Iโ€™m sorry for the confusion, I meant ZCO held in 2019 for IOI 2020.

Problems in that year were:

  1. Weird Ordering
  2. Interleavings and Blocks

You have linked to the same problem in both the links.
But I got it, Thanks!