Where is Ranklist?

Am I the only one who can`t see the rank list for Feb long challenge?

UPDATE - it’s working now, Thanks, everyone.

Div 1: Ranklist - FEB21A | CodeChef
Div 2: Ranklist - FEB21B | CodeChef
Div 3 : Ranklist - FEB21C | CodeChef

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Still for some reason when I open the rank list it just shows this.

Also, what’s the purpose of seeing the Ranklist. Codechef killed my Ranklist by letting copy-cats. I’m sure DivC 6th problem is not solvable by 2k people’s and I know how these many people’s (around 1.8k copycats) solved it. Only 200 odd people’s might have really solved it.

See Codechef I’m not following the approach followed by these 1.8k people’s and see what happened, I was thrown away from Rank 200 to 2000.

It’s not how the platform should work? I was 4* in codechef and it is not EASY to reach 2*. So lame.


Did you try on a different web browser, different device, clearing cookies?

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Nope, let me try it.

Did you intentionally fall from 5 star to 2 star?

Sorry to hear that. That will always happen in long contests and there is no way anyone can avoid it. (If you have ideas do share)

If that is something that bothers you a lot, you can give short contests only.
Otherwise you can motivate yourself to work even harder and feel proud that you got 2000 rank despite so many people cheating and try to solve even more problems next time that even the cheaters can not solve.

Of course, I don’t need to mention the wonderful learning that comes out of Long Challenges which is rarely possible by cheating or short contests. But honestly, if you find it very depressing, you can always do something else that you find better.


its working thanks.

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Lol no, I accidentally reached 5 star once. I’m not a 5 star coder.
I can easily balance in 4* and try to put in more effort and get stabilize in 5*. I’m trying hard for it.

Also, to answer your question, No, I didn’t intentionally fall from 5 to 2. I was not able to solve few long challenge problems for which people’s leak videos. I don’t want to have some one else’s effort in my profile and hence I don’t copy. So, yeah my Ratings fell as a result.

@admin, Good luck Codechef, my Ranklist is ripped off. Please bring in div4 so that non-cheaters can participate in it. Please promote all those who copied to div1 and div2.

FYI, I solved only first 5 in DivC and couldn’t invest more time on 6th question. But one thing sure, 6th problem cannot be solved by 4k peoples.

I think PRIGAME was a lot easier if you remove the “proof” part of the solution.

You solved a lot problems.