Where should I report about cheating going on during live contest?

bro did you mean that people in Div 1 also cheat ? I mean atleast they should know the actual spirit of CP.

You don’t need someone or something else to test your talent. Just do the problems you think you can do.

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How do you think they got to Div 1? :wink:


Respected @admin
please check telegram for cheaters as shown in youtube ?? and take some suitable action regarding contest ratings . . . so that honest ones like me can write confidently.Greatfull for whatever action you can take . I am new to your site but getting discouraged due to ongoing cheating going on . . .

Seems like you also cheated in February Long challenge 2020 codechef

its really bad ! when i m still stuck in figuring out a way to at least solve one sub-task of chefina and swaps, and on the other side the number of successful submissions is increasing rapidly .


Usually how much time they take to process the request.

on the email? it said bout a week

And what about penalty rule. Like I reported two profiles who have cheated in past 6 contests. So Did they penalise overall or it depends in how many contest you have cheated.

i don’t really know that
@admin can help ig

You are saying the truth. But be respectful. You don’t own the platform and neither you are paying some fees to use it. If you think it sucks, stop using it.

when ever i see more than 5k submission i feel dumb :frowning:

@admin @hello_hell @prodarthvader
Even if moss catches the culprits about(approximately) how much percentage similarity in codes will codechef considers as acceptable ???
And how much time will it take for moss to identify these people???

This is my first contest it took me 1 week to solve 4 questions and its been 2 days I was not able to solve the 5th question
It was around 500 submissions when I was on 3rd and now it jumped to 5800 …haha
Sad if this contest goes unrated!!!:cry:

This seems a good idea . . . If you are only participating in long challenges, there could be assigned provisional rating and then if you appear for more short contests your rating will be made non-provisional.

Much like what AtCoder does when you give your first contest you are given provisional rating.
This can potentially reduce cheaters thereby cheating.