Where should I report about cheating going on during live contest?

Is there any mail id?


Mainly it wouldn’t help! because it’s happening again & again . So whenever someone posting about cheating the more people come to know about solutions are coming out so whenever you face this videos just report spam


I don’t know what these people get after ruining our live contest. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Nothing can be done now. Almost 90â„… people now know that solutions are available. This is much evident from the submission of chefina and swaps. The submissions are increasing so fast.


They are the Silencer of real lives :3
the best way to be the best is ruining other progress…that’a all they are doing

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@admin I think you are quite aware regarding the ongoing cheating and public solution leaks. Still, nothings being done.


@admin please make this contest unrated
First, 5 questions leaked on other platform that’s why the 5th question submission increased.
This is not justice for people who work really hard to do questions…
As a developer, I know that it is very hard to stop people who leak solutions on other platforms. even if it can take a few hours number of people watched that meanwhile.
So, it is better to make contest unrated or first 5 questions unrated.


What makes you think nothing is being done?


The contest will be rated. No discussions on that.


i don’t think that’s fair as i just participated in my first contest and many other people like me who have just solved 2-3 questions i don’t think that will be fair as some of us are also putting genuine effort in solving problems.


it’s very sad to hear this, i know it not ofter happens but it happenned on my first codechef contest

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Surely, you all are working hard to curb this matter, but still people do these sort of stuff, which no one can resist. But its really unfair for us.

I solved first 4 problems. My rank seemed okayish. After one day, my rank has gone way too high (in magnitude) than expected.

Any estimate on how much % of solutions are really the plag ones or cheated ones ? :neutral_face:


Thanks, Cheaters try to Cheat more as this platform doesn’t care about that. earn more fake ratings as codechef sucks now so it is no more productive platform as like before.


Cheating is a really bad problem, and very hard to resolve completely. I assume CodeChef is putting adequate efforts to detect plagiarism, but that doesn’t make people less likely to cheat.

I have a different proposal that is not going to eliminate cheating, but should probably reduce the impact that cheaters have: participation in long contests should be open only to accounts that have also participated, recently, in at least a couple of short contests too. If you have never taken part in CookOff or LunchTime, you should be not welcome to do Long challenges too.

What do you think? All contests remain ranked/rated, nothing changes here. Long ones just need some eligibility.

Please note that the parameters of the rule can be adjusted, and can be made very flexible and tolerant. For example, one participation in CookOff and/or LunchTime gives you allowance for the next two or three Long challenges (or even more, why not? say 6 long ones :slight_smile: ). So you have to take part in only one short contest to be eligible for many long ones.

This measure will:

  • reduce the impact that cheaters have. If they have no real problem solving skills, one bad short contest will ruin their ranking and will demotivate them from doing their misbehaviour again;
  • almost not impact the regular competitors, who are genuinely interested in problem solving. Scoring a high rank is good, but I think that CodeChef should encourage the perception that the rank is not a static achievement in time, something you earn and then quit to celebrate it :slight_smile: but rather a dynamically moving assessment of your skills, relative to these of other competitors.

This measure is a form of commitment on that kind of perception.

For the extreme case of people who want to only do Long challenges, fine, they have their rights. For that specific audience CodeChef might consider building separate ranking system, scored from Longs only, and obviously allow everyone to take part in it, unconditionally.



No…making contests unrated just because some people cheat is no solution…this is the real world! you cannot stop cheating completely…so i suggest you try focusing on yourself. Those who cheat will be powerless when they are in job interviews or coding examinations and then they’ll understand. Rating isn’t everything


That’s why i always prefer codeforces over codechef becuse they know how to test real talent. I have many friends who are doing competitive programming and one them a 5* in codechef and about 1400 on codeforces. So we know the difference

There are many 6* who are specialist on CF :stuck_out_tongue: