which IDE/tool you use for Java

I would like to know which IDE you use for Java programming. I am personally using Eclipse. But for past couple of months i have been hearing a lot about IntelliJ.
I did a quick googling about Eclipse vs IntelliJ and did go through few links about it and I really loved its content assistance. But I feel all these links are primarily focusing for Software development.
Is this really going to make a difference in the competitive programming, I would like to know how many of you who are using Java for submitting solutions, which IDE is your preference and why.

Are there any other tools that you use for competitive programming apart from IDE may be any specific plugins or others.

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For competitive programming purpose it is better to use online ide like ideone.com or codechef.com/ide these will help you debug your code easily than when you are using eclipse or intellij applications. Though eclipse has a debugger which makes debugging by setting break points within a code but I feel degugging the your code by using online ide suits better.

Moreover if you want offline ide better use atom ide or sublime text these applications are less bulky than eclipse or intelliij which makes them more suitable for CP purpose. I use Atom ide so I would suggest you to use that.

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I don’t do competitive programming in java but I also have to write a lot in java. IntelliJ is a great java IDE,
I like its IntelliSense feature, you type a letter and it shows you all the keywords, functions starting with that letter. Comparing with Eclipse which is ancient(no-offense), InelliJ is far better.

I do submit solutions to algorithm on hackerrank in java. I suggest Sublime text and Atom text editor. They both are Advanced text editors, gives you access to thousands of packages available to download for free.

There are packages (thousands of them for any single language) for linting, code-checking and enhancing.
I guess you must have heard about them.

And you know there is mess in IDEs you need to create a project only then you can write a source file, there’s no problem like that in Atom and Sublime text and one more thing you can code in any language in single UI, you don’t need to switch your IDE or open multiple IDEs for multiple languages.

Hi Sai,

I am a Java programmer and I use Intellij Idea for both competitive programming and software development.

It is the best Java IDE with things like autocomplete, debugging etc running smoothly. In auto completion if you have a variable “ILoveCodeChef” then if you type ILCC, Idea will show a dropdown with first word “ILoveCodeChef”.

In case of competitive programming I would again strongly recommend it. It also has awesome plugins which are Chelper (for contests on Codechef, Codeforces etc) and IdeaCoder for TopCoder. These plugins helps improves the speed in coding contest and yes these plugins will really make a difference in coding contests.

I would suggest you to install Idea and the plugins which will reduce your time of submission.



Hi! I was searching for a light-weight ide for competitive programming. Inspired by TextPad and Sublime Text, I just built one: https://github.com/svr8/Desk
Do give it a try…

I use Eclipse, also used intellij in past and loved the Chelper plugin which makes testing easy but in ICPC we don’t get Chelper installed with Intellij so I have stop using that.

Instead I decided to go with Eclipse and make my testing habit faster.

As I m focused for ICPC.


IntelliJ is best. I use atom also as it’s lightweight and you can link java ide plugin. You can also run terminal from atom for compiling and running programs