Which IDEs are used for C++ in ZCO & INOI?

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I am participating in this year’s ZCO 2021, and I would like to practice C++ on allowed IDEs only, (obviously) so I would gain a better control on them till the exam.

Codechef’s site says they use Code::Blocks / CLion, some others say they use DevC++, etc.

Which one should I consider? And is it also allowed in INOI?

Any help is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks a lot! :blush:

Definitely clion
It is one of the best ide
I used clion both in zCO and INOI , though it is a very big app , it didn’t crash or anything

Next option you can choose codeblocks



Thanks a lot, @sudheerays123! :blush:

Yes :+1: I would prefer this one only, b’coz I have a little experience with this one.

But unfortunately, CLion has evaluation license period of 30 days only - how can I get it permanently on my PC?
Also, If you can suggest a helpful tutorial for setting up CLion for C++, that would help too :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot! :blush:

Get student pack
It is free
All you have to do is upload your Id card


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Hi, @sudheerays123!

I am a 9th Grader, residing in MH, India.
Will it accept mine?

Also, do you mean school ID Card?

Thanks! :blush:

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I don’t know about it
I think only college ID card is allowed
Plz check

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