Which solution is considered for plagiarism check?

I am just curious to know which solution is considered accepted and for checking plagiarism? Consider that I have submitted 3 solutions for the same question with different logics and different times of submissions. 1st code(submitted on Day 1) is similar to some A person’s code, 2nd one(submitted on Day 5) is similar to B person’s code and 3rd one(submitted on Day 10) is similar to C person’s code. Then who all will get there ratings decreased for plagiarism?

  1. Me and person A
  2. Me and person B
  3. Me and person C
  4. All of us
    P.S.- This is just a hypothetical case just because I am curious to know how codechef MOSS works.

All AC and partial AC solutions are checked, I read it somewhere a while ago

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Not a good topic to be curious about :slight_smile:
No comments, for obvious reasons.


Seems like I should try it then.
And check whether I’ll lose ratings thrice for the same problem.

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Did you get the answer? :grimacing: