Which testcase have i missed?

What is wrong with my solution ? I m not getting the case where my solution fails So please help me

question link : https://codeforces.com/contest/1291/problem/C

solution link : https://codeforces.com/contest/1291/submission/82024558

Just print out the 164-th case on cf, and see it for yourself

how can i do that?

if number of testcases is 1000, don’t print any answers
if testcase == 164, print it and exit the program

This is why I don’t like while(T--)-style loops because it makes it harder to do this.

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but still it will be hidden because of large test case.

Look at test 2, it’s using tiny cases

i am telling for test 2 only. It is not seen

What? Only print the 164-th sub-testcase, the one you’re actually wrong on

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i m not understanding what are u telling, can u help me more

Your goal is to find out the testcase that your program’s wrong on, right?

Actually he was not able to understand you…He was thinking how can he see test case 164th when it is not there as they put "..." .
When you get 164th test case…you have to print the test case itself with the answer to debug your code.

Now I’m confused, is that not what I said


You told the same thing…but he was not able to understand. So, I just repeated it…Lol