Whole Process to pay Gwalior ICPC payment online

Whoever successfully paid the ICPC Gwalior zone fees please tell sequential step by step process on how to make NEFT payment online for Gwalior Pune Zone:- please urgent help required

Don’t want to create a separate thread, can anyone tell me whats the purpose of attachments tab?

PS: I haven’t payed the amount yet so cannot tell anything about it.

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@shadowbyte can help you out for sure.

What I did:

  1. Registered the team
  2. Paid 900INR through NEFT
  3. Filled out this form link

For more details you can visit link
Though the status is still Pending as of now.

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How you paid through NEFT I want that only Please tell me steps to pay through NEFT

What to put in attachments tab?


Nothing as of now. They will ask you for identification proof if your team gets selected for world finals.

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