Why am I getting NZEC error in python

Why am I getting NZEC error in python2 and python3?

t,s=map(float, raw_input().split())

print t

print s

note: I have tried using input() instead of raw_input() in python3 still same NZEC error

Also tried using split("") and split(" ") and split() still same error!

Tried using the following but still same NZEC error:

x,y=input().split(’ ‘) [this is in python3, tried x,y=raw_input().split(’ ') in python2]



Can anyone please help me?

I will suggest you to go through this tutorial Python input for competitive programming

what is nzec error

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There is no problem with code untill it works perfectly on local ide you can submit it by Doing “Switch to Non IDE mode” any then try to submit ,its drawback is you have to test code on your Locally on your computer but if code is right it will get submitted…