Why are my rating not updating?

I got my ratings increased to 1723 yesterday after COOK96. They are showing the rating on codechef graph but my ratings and stars are not increased in profile.

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I am also having the same issue

Same issue

Having the same issue after LTIME64B. Tagging @admin if it helps.

lol. CC does not want an orange mod.


Same issue after September Lunch Time.

Try clearing cache and refreshing page.

@vijju123 it is still the same. Tried on mobile as well. It shows my highest rating as 1723 on the profile but not as my current rating.

Ok, I think I got the issue. Sorry, misunderstood it earlier. Let me tag @admin here.

Same with me.

We are looking into this. Thanks for reporting.

same with everyone except div 1 they got their correct rating

It already has @meooow

In that case, CC does not want to decrease no of yellow mod. Because they are more hardworking. xD

Same issue today also with me

Facing same rating issue, in graph ratings are updated but not on page. Tagging admin @admin

Facing the same issue now

Facing the same issue now @admin