Why can't 4-star be on Div2?

Being a 4-star, I still have lot’s and lot’s to learn. Still I feel like I belong to div2.







Then no of people in Div1 will be at max ~300.


Still good competitive rounds will be there between 5, 6, 7 stars rather than crushing 4 stars people’s :stuck_out_tongue:

But I feel like solving question 1st, 2nd in div2 boosts me up (“sweet spot”) to solve 3rd question (interminently I solve) in cookoff, lunchtime. Now, the first question itself I see is a 3rd question of div2 in div1.

Because, as I know my level, I have to solve questions 1, 2 to keep myself engaged.


People who have climbed to div1 by giving cookoffs and lunchtimes are truly the ones who deserve to be in div1. I have now stopped caring about rating . I now try to give all cookoffs and lunctimes , I do not care if it will decrease my rating but ultimately it is what will improve me.


Exactly. Rating doesn’t matter if I only see my learning matters.

But this is what happens in cookoff, lunchtime when people’s accidently move to div1.

  1. I desperately wanted to solve 1,2 of div2 anyway during the contest. Why? Because I’m not a superhero 6* or 7* to omit those questions.
    So, I have two choices,
    a) Solve 1,2 of div2 first in div1 (practice section) and jump to actual div1 1st question which will reduce my rating as time is GONE.
    b) Try to solve div1 1st question which keeps hindering the mind (half-mood) to solve it without solving 1,2 of div2.

Dilemma situation :frowning: That’s why it is better to have 4* in div2.

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@mnithinkk I don’t agree with you. The boundary is perfect. Boundary should be exactly where people struggle to stay into DIV 1. You can see in CF also. It’s never a smooth transition from one div to another.


my two cents… (and i am in the same boat as you are)
maybe its fun to be on the boundary… we might initially do bad in the next few contests… but its a gradual learning curve… maybe this way we come to a point where we can solve questions from div 1 more confidently… so the same feeling that you have with div2 questions 1 and 2, you might have that with div1 questions 1 and 2 in the future…


Honestly, chances are (specially with that mentality) that you’ll be in div2 again shortly. So I suggest you don’t stress out over it. Just keep striving to get better to reduce the growing pains.

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