Why can't we submit an answer after a contest just for practice?

Hey, I am new to this website and I am not able to submit an answer to a question in a contest. The contest has just ended. I want to know if I have got the right solution. How do I check it? Am I missing something or is the website missing this feature?
Ok. I have got an answer, we can see the successful submissions. But what if they aren’t any. For the particular problem of my interest there was only one successful submission (I think I have got the right answer). I still think it would be better if we are able to run our own program instead of just seeing someone else’s solution. Why is CodeChef not having this feature. I think we must request the website to incorporate this feature.

This feature is already there, all questions are moved into practise section, just remove the name of the contest from the url of the problem. (more precisely contest code)


Contest Link : http://www.codechef.com/LTIME21/problems/LUCKFOUR

Contest Code : LTIME21

Practise Link : http://www.codechef.com/problems/LUCKFOUR

While some questions are added to the practise section immediately some takes time.

Hope it helps!!!

Happy Coding

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Thank You. Still waiting for the question to be added to the practice session though.

It may take quite some time for external contests… Hope it is added soon to the practise section.